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Madrona PTSA Meeting minutes (DRAFT) - 

January 3, 2018, 6:30 pm -8:00 pm

6:30 – Call to order and introductions

PRESENT: Megan Hochstatter, Adam Rakunas, Sarah Kent, Melissa Lee-Klubberud, Robin Green, Sharon Safarik, Mary McDaniel

6:35 – Principal’s Report

  • Getting ready for MAP assessment. Will email calendar to parents on Friday.
  • Great start to 2018 – welcome back assembly this week. Having an increase in students. Another 3rd grader today; another coming in too.
  • Starting to think about 5th grade Islandwood trip and planning. Mr. Azer and Ms. Koff will both go on the trip. Some concerns around funding – not sure how we’re going to pay for it this year. PTSA covered $1000 last year and school covered the rest. Trip is in early March. Need to know cost soon. Starting to think about fundraising ideas.
  • Talked to a few staff about basketball game with Leschi. Will talk to others to make sure there is interest in participating in this event again. Currently scheduled for March 29th.

6:50 – Treasurer’s Report

  • No report this month.

7:00 – Committee Reports

  • Fundraising:
    • Nathan working on business ask letter – hopefully will go out next week.
    • Also doing Great American Spellcheck fundraiser – asking kids to get 3 people to sponsor each. Spelling Bee is 2nd week of February. Information will go out to teachers and students soon.
    • Fish Fry – Adam is talking to people to get planning started. Will move date for event from May 24th to May 31st.
    • Have put out another call for fundraising chair – still looking for someone to fill this role.
    • Need to figure out rest of year fundraising plan. Will get an accounting from Anne for what we need to raise to meet budget revenue goals. Ideas about online auction, but need someone to run it. Could also do raffle again. Would like to have a presence at Mayfair again.
  •  Outreach:
    • High-5 event on Friday. Received postcards and posters later than anticipated. Sarah has hung them all over town and is posting information in other places. Information has been sent out to networks. Expecting many people from community to come. Assembly is coming together. Mr. Dorsey will MC, Ms. Taylor will give welcome, Michelle Andrasik, Ted Evans and Mr. Phillips will speak on Path to Success theme. Coffee from 7:30-8:00 – would be good to have some people here if people are available early to help. Sarah will be here by 7:00 am. Will have volunteer information available for parents and community members at event. Will also have sign in and greeting table in lobby to welcome people. Assembly in gym at 8:00 – teachers will bring kids down. Guests and families will go out to playground around 8:30 for greeting line/tunnel and then they will go up to their classes. Charles Peterson will photograph the event.
    •  MLK Day March – looking into getting a banner made. Not sure how much it will cost. Sarah will follow up. Information will be going out soon. On January 15th, meeting at bottom of Garfield High School steps at 12:00 pm. March will start at 12:30.
    •  School tours: have three coming up – 1/10 at 8:30 am, 1/18 at 6:00 pm, and 1/23 at 8:30 am. Posted on Madrona Moms and reader board. Have received a few RSVPs.
    • Need people to run the Science Fair in June.


  • Playground:
    • Have raised over $10k with bricks and pavers. Will have another push for those, and will sell t-shirts as well. Have sold 39 so far
    • Phase I is complete. Getting ready for Phase II. Developing signs to post for public access.
    • Meeting with Gretchen this week to go over plans and make sure still want all of the details.
    • Designer will do construction management when construction starts in June.
    • Need to raise another $40K or so. Looking into whether we could get Gates Foundation match – 3x amount raised if submitted by employee.
    • May have a mini-work party to touch up paint that was damaged during play structure construction; but may wait until Phase II complete.
  • Legislative:
    • Nothing to report
  •  Arts:
    • Anya will be doing theater program for K-2 – will cost $2500. Other arts money will be used for dance.
    • Could think about having performances coming to the school, especially those which represent different cultures.
    • Need to figure out who will be leading dance program starting in late March.
    • Disney Musical is happening – 10 kids have signed up so far, would like to have more; 4 artists in residence will cycle through and direct show. Anya will be producer.

7:35 – New Business

  • Nathan meeting with Homestreet Bank soon – the bank will be giving a donation (unknown size) to school and working on determining how money will be used.
  • Two people hired to help Mr. B with after school programming. Will also have UW volunteers. Classes filling up pretty evenly.
  • Nathan working with Bush School – having book fair, have offered to buy books for our teachers. Getting lists from the teachers.

8:00 – Adjourn

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