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Madrona PTSA Meeting minutes - 

PTSA April 2019


Principal Report – Principal McDaniel was unable to attend

After-School program

Opening Dialogue - We want the program to exist and continue; this conversation is to help make it happen. This is the beginning of a series of conversations

History –

  • Before there was the Y before school with only a few programs, and then the PTSA sponsored  a few more classes. When they transferred to after-school, the Y struggled to successfully develop the program

  • 3 years ago, we invited Seattle Parks and Rec, they tried to create a program with the school spending $30,000. It did not go well. It was complicated to register, expensive, not equitable and accessible to many families

  • So after that, the school and PTSA decided to create their own program…and it has been building since

    • Ms. B built up the program for 2 years. 80 kids first year, 100 kids next year

Now –

  • This year, the school gave $20,000 from school budget. Tina is paid by school, and PTSA pays $15,000 for 3 support people and daily snacks

  • Tina has 45 sessions per week. It was $100 the 1st session under Mr. B, and then increased to $200 for the 2nd & 3rd session. That was not enough to cover costs, now we’re at $250 and PTSA is barely breaking even

  • Now, with the school not being able to provide $20,000, it is a deficit

    • In addition to money, the main program manager will not be a seattle public school employee with SPS status (but rather paid through the PTSA)

Students we’re serving right now?

  • Demographics – 110 fall, 98 winter, 107 spring (slightly less than half the total enrollment of our school)

  • 5% McKinney-Vento, 25% $200 discounted rate, and about 5% others that pay what you can (and take the classes that are more economical), 70% paying full price

    • Enrollment reflects the school population well

Goals and Challenges –

  • Our goal is to make is accessible and equitable as possible

    • We have discounted rates, some students fees are waved

  • We aren’t covering cost

    • We will need about $40,000 to continue this program

  • Money is a major consideration, but running the program also requires a lot of energy and effort

2 proposed payment pathways –

A) Structure same as now -“All you can eat”; you pay one fee and can take as many or as few sessions as you’d like. The PTSA contributes $15,000, but we do not have the school’s $20,000. We raise fees, and then look for external funding. Since our goal is to continue to make this affordable for all our families, we would still offer lower rates to families that qualify.

B) “A la carte” scenario” - We charge $50 per class – it’s a variable bet. We may not raise enough funds because currently kids that do fewer sessions are subsidizing the ones that take all sessions.

Other discussion points–

  • We cannot have 5 days a week, because of insurance and would need different ratios (We are not allowed to run a daycare.)

  • Mary prefers for Seattle Parks and Rec to return

  • Grants are a bandaid – we need to look at it as a 5-year plan

  • What is the purpose?

    • Unofficial daycare or truly enrichment?

      • Tina- even if people are using it as a daycare, it is truly enrichment. There is social-emotional, new skills, etc being taught and being experienced

      • Having it in-house allows us to know the kids, cultivate a nurturing culture and community (whereas outsourcing we’ll lose that)

  • We want to make sure it’s equitable

  • We need the program to be sustainable

  • Our program is a draw for prospective families

    • We should stress to the school the importance of this program and how it serves our community

  • Legal question: if we have an outside organization to run 1-2 days so it won’t qualify as a daycare?

Main Concerns Raised:

  • Fee model – ensure payment is equitable and accessible

  • Fundraising– grants, ask to businesses, donations etc

  • Operating - # of days, partnerships, what does Principal withdrawal mean

  • Sustainability – make a 5+ year plan

BLT Report– Building Leadership Team

  • Made up of reps of all sections/union representation and parent representation

  • More parents are welcome – with more representation of all groups would be great

    • Monthly meeting, school budget month is weekly meeting

  • Budget meeting reinforced that there isn’t money available for the afterschool program – especially through the new equity lens SPS is required to use when allocating funds


  • House Parties for Madrona

    • Fundraising weekend, asking individuals/small group to host a party to support Madrona. With fundraising goal.

    • May 3-5th

  • Give Big – May 8th

  • Mayfair, May 11th – will need volunteers to help run hotdog and lemonade stand

Madrona Good Neighbor Awards, will need nominations for students, volunteers and staff

Next Meeting: May 8th

Agenda topic: PTSA budget discussion

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