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Madrona PTSA Meeting minutes - 

Date: October 10, 2018
Location: Madrona Elementary Library

Principal's Report – Principal McDaniels had a last minute family matter, was unable to attend

Upcoming Events

Jog‐a‐thon – October 19th Planning Progress

Biggest fundraising event of the year. Goal $30,000 to support PTSA programing
Oct 19th kids run in lots of circles hopefully out on Madrona playield but if weather isn’t agreeable then in the gym

Pledge envelopes are out and instructions are inside

  • ●  Sign up through pledgestar (online), cash and

    checks are also accepted.

  • ●  No pressure for everyone to raise money, so any

    kid that brings the envelope back will get a

    prize even w/o money. Day of

  • ●  we need parent volunteers, people to come cheer. Kids will get a banana and popsicle

  • ●  Tracker – all kids will have barcode card to scan per each lap.

▪ ▪ ▪


  • ●  Thanks to Kimberly Lorton for all her work and efforts. And then Mr. Stewart can use barcodes in PE

  • ●  Time of day: each class will go after lunch...10am‐2pm, staggered by class

  • ●  Golden shoe (& party) – for the class the runs most laps

  • ●  Class that brings in most money – gets a prize Extra envelopes will be in ofice

Multicultural Night

Move date to 12/6, after conferences

Very special night for Madrona. All families are encouraged to bring a dish of food of their culture. Will be some dances, performances, fashion show 5:30‐8pm

Keep a look out for communications for ways for families to participate
Art teacher and music teacher are working on projects for event

Room Parent Update

o Started last year doing room parent program and we are trying to unify the program this year.

o Ginger will be the go‐ between for parents and teachers. All room parents need to go through the volunteer orientation process

o Still starting up the program for this year, trying to connect with teachers to ensure all classes have room parents

Committee Reports Arts

o Last week we started theater classes with 1 3rd, 1 4th, and 1 5th grade class...each class/grade will participate.

o Jen has put together a spreadsheet of ideas for teachers Art‐orientated ield trips. Open to more suggestions to add

▪ ▪

▪ ▪

to the excel sheet. Field trips are in the time frame of 9:15‐1:10pm. Ms Schwochow has added that many new teachers have added tips on ield trips and how to obtain free buses. Arts is helping to fund arts‐related ield trips.

o Reminder we’re Arts infused school – this year we’re focusing on theater within the schools.

101 Dalmatians, working with Seattle Theater Group to hire arts to help for the show. M/W rehearsals. Hoping to put on 2 performances


o Jog a thon – see above o Annual ask

● Local businesses, businesses we have connections with and letter to parents

o Kimberly Lorton is encouraging for a parent‐only, spring event

o Parent suggestion – more regular events, like 2 times a month

More regular adults‐only events, such as wine & art nights. And then also regular skate party. Smaller & more intimate for community building...and with more frequent so if you can’t make it to one and then you can make it to the other one

o Suggestions – 5k, parent obstacle course, promotes health and good example for kids

o Grant writing – Sharon just took a grant‐writing class. Idea to create a info‐sheet about demographics and school info so it’s ready to go for anyone that inds a grant to write

Volunteer Coordinating

o Lots of PTSA committee and co‐chair openings.
o 2 more orientations scheduled, already have conducted 4

o The SPS online application is proving to be a hardship for

some families, so Sarah and Ginger are available to help anyone that needs with the online orientation. EVERYONE needs to do online application and background check for volunteering in classroom or ield trips even if you’ve completed the application in years past.

o Room parents &/or teachers should contact Sarah for any class volunteer or chaperone to make sure the volunteer has completed the SPS application

Family Resource center

Working w/ JJ to catch him up on how our resource center works. Sarah Kent will make sure Gwen knows about the list of resources a grandmother had given to the main ofice for seasonal gift/giving

Community Outreach
o Working on Multicultural Night, see above


o Teacher input‐ communication needs to be transparent with teachers, so they’re aware of events and PTSA happenings. Lily suggested all teachers sign up to PTSA newsletter and syncs with PTSA calendar. PTSA is working hard to inalize master calendar

● PTSA will from now on oficially invite teachers to events

Staff Appreciation ‐ Sarah reporting for co‐chairs
o Next potluck lunch is next Wednesday. Marisa is putting

together a signup. This month is Kindergarten
o Coffee card drawing – looking for donations of coffee cards o Staff and teacher of the month – please nominate! Teacher

that do win will get $25 Amazon gift cards, donations are welcome

Green Team

o Goal for the year – idea of recycling and compost into each classroom. Bring in a local authority for assembly to address the kids. Make it more exciting for the kids. Make education to children age appropriate. Former parent Katie Adkins that does recycling education, might be a resource

o Must have big compost bins for events, so we can actually compost compostable plates and utensils

o Ms. Schwochow has green team experience, willing to pitch in for ideas

Safe Routes to School

o Concerns on Union of people driving too fast. Parent works on SDOT on project‐zero program

o We did our Safety Chicken Crossing this morning as part of National Walk To School Day. We had four chickens, a lemur, a shark, and a unicorn escorting students across Union Street at our two crosswalks. We handed out relectors to all the students. If anyone did not get one, we'll have extras in the PTSA ofice. We will do another Chicken Crossing in the spring.

o Will work on getting us an SDOT Safe Routes to School grant to either do a trafic study or to improve our crosswalks. The application is due October 31. In the meantime, I would like either the PTSA or the school to pirchase two of these:‐sided‐crossing‐pan el We would place them in the middle of Union in each crosswalk. They are $225 each.

o Reminder to say hi to crossing cards and be nice ☺

General Feedback

o Curriculum night recap
School Event nights – important for PTSA parents to just be parents and not have to work them. So no more providing food and other responsibilities Provided Childcare? PTSA will make it known that children are parents responsibility. So maybe teachers can put together a simple activities.

o Children welcome but parents need to supervise them

o Teacher input –of course kids are welcome but parents need to be mindful and respectful of the classroom. And support that parents should take responsibility for their own children

Open loor for general questions/suggestions

▪ ▪

o Nurse: dates for hearing and vision screening. Need volunteers for Oct 30th, Nov 1st 8‐noon.

o Open for healthy food donations
o Open for socks and underwear containers
o Vaccines w/ Lauren Hopper from Odessa – currently out of

lu vaccine but are working
o Working to get full FTE through SPS – so parents can also

advocate our need for a full time nurse.

Next meeting: November 14, 6:00‐8:00 pm

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