Madrona is an arts-infused school.

Our faculty, staff, PTSA, and school community recognize that when students are engaged in the arts they develop pathways for greater understanding of new and difficult concepts and content across the curriculum; they demonstrate self-discipline, motivation, and perseverance; they engage in creative problem solving; they feel empathy and reflect on the human experience; and they develop into life-long learners.

Madrona is committed to partnering with local artists and arts organizations to provide in-school residencies in music, dance, theater and visual arts. We have a full time visual art teacher and participate in Disney Musicals in Schools to produce a musical each spring. Our students go on several arts-related field trips every year, including to the ballet, Seattle Children's Theater, the 5th Avenue, and the Seattle Art Museum. After-school enrichment classes in music, dance and creative drama are available for interested students, including Seattle Music Partners, Jazz Ed, Stone Soup Theater, and African drumming classes.

In the 2016/2017 school year, using Creative Advantage funds, we hosted resident artists Aaron Walker-Loud and Mikaela Romero of Big World Breaks. Students in K-5 learned to sing, move, and drum, putting on an incredible performance where kindergarteners sang the blues, first graders sang in Portuguese, fifth graders accompanied younger students, and our community came together.

Building on these experiences, Madrona seeks to create a community that offers arts-learning for ALL students. We are building a program to begin in September 2017 that will provide an broad, arts-infused education for our students, including quarterly artist residencies and related feild trips, supported through grants, PTSA funds, private fundraising, and Creative Advantage.

Our programs for youth empower students toward confident self-expression as well as celebrate students’ unique backgrounds and experiences. We provide safe and supportive learning environments that foster creative and critical thinking, allow youth to take risks and develop new skills, and foster healthy and productive relationships with each other and a community of arts professionals. 

Seattle Music Partners (SMP)

Grades 4-5

Seattle Music Partners is a free program that provides the opportunity for 4th and 5th grade students to participate after school in one-on-one music lessons and ensemble experience on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Each student is placed with a high school, college, or community musician for individual lessons on their instrument. Through these individual lessons, group activities and ensemble playing, 4th and 5th graders learn to read music, play an instrument, and make music as part of an orchestra or band. SMP provides instruments to students as needed, as well as a music book and music stand. Participating students are expected to attend both Tuesday and Thursday sessions each week throughout the school year.

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Disney Musicals in the Schools

Grades 3-5

Disney Musicals in Schools is a free after-school program in partnership with Seattle Theater Group. Our students get to work with theater professionals and Madrona teachers to produce a Disney musical for our community. This year's Jungle Book was a raging success! The kids then went on to perform at the Paramount Theater, which the entire K-5 attended.