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Madrona PTSA Meeting minutes - 

Date: November 14, 2018
Location: Madrona Elementary Library

Meeting Minutes:

  • Introductions

  • Principal Report

    • Staff appreciated staff meal!

    • Mary appreciated the sympathy card for her Father-in-Law passing

    • Tomorrow, Thursday is the first school tour

    • Also, tomorrow Principal Juno is visiting from 10-12

      • Goal is to get her into each classroom. Mary has already met her to talk about the equity work staff is doing; She aims to visit each school

      • Student conferences are underway

      • 3rd year of being a School of Distinction!

        • This is great, but funding will decrease next year due to academic improvement. Last year, we lost $50,000

        • We are slowly closing the achievement gap

      • Teachers are excited to work with Room Parents

      • No school next week

      • Question from a parent in attendance about the lockdown protocol. Concern because students interpreted the event differently and had different experiences.

        • Teachers talk to students about safety

        • Seneca counselors are available to support teachers and classrooms

        • Principal McDaniel’s boss came to walk the school afterwards and many classes talked about their feelings post-lockdown

        • There is no protocol to tell kids what happened, but to check-in with students about feelings (teacher or counselor)

          • Make this be a part of the process

          • The school does practice drills and prepare students

  • Committee Reports

    • Fundraising/ jog a thon recap

      • Jog-a-thon

        • Raised over $30,000!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Raised $29,673 after costs...but matching donations are still to come

        • Only 67 people signed up for PledgeStar, but pulled in 80% of money

          • Looking to develop our own shop on SquareSpace.

            • Need a “coder” to volunteer some time to make this

            • Alyssa might know some people

        • We are evaluating the lap counter system

        • Sharon wrote a re-cap that she will add to the Drive

      • We are signed-up for Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving encouraging people to donate money to our PTSA)

      • This is a light-touch opportunity to give friends and family a chance to help

      • Later, we will do the Annual Ask in December which asks Madrona Elementary families to give directly to the school

      • Working to develop long-term relationships with local businesses

      • Exploring the idea of having a night of house parties with an online auction ending that evening.

      • The fish Fry will no longer be a fundraising event so that it can focus on community building (carnival?)

    • Events/ outreach

      • Multicultural Night is December 13th (no changes!)

        • Passports are back to help kids and families stay engaged

        • Kindergarten wing will celebrate Diwali

        • We need more maps! Any types of maps. Can leave in the front office

    • Arts

      • We decided not to go with Big World Breaks this year for a musical artist in residence

      • We have a meeting with Afwa, a past after-school drumming instructor, to see if our needs fit her needs

      • The Opera is coming!!! To do an assembly at the school in March

        • Will also test storytelling with the Daisies

        • Exploring how to make a comic book about school experiences through the eras. The Opera is interested in turning that into an opera.

          • Anyone want to help?

          • The 4/5th class is working on comic book making

      • We have 2 Seattle Theatre Group teaching artists to help lead 101 Dalmatians

        • Performances on April 4th and 5th

        • Afterschool classes start in January

        • Ms. Taylor, the Developmental Preschool teacher, will be the musical staff lead

        • We need help!

        • This is our 3rd and final year with the Disney Program

          • They are offering us $500

          • They are also offering us $1,000 matching on Donors Choose

            • Can use this for things like audio

            • Sam has a connection at Triple Door

        • The drama residency program is going well!

        • Need to do some thinking about how to involve kids that are not part of the afterschool program

    • Volunteer/ Room Parents

      • 8 volunteer orientations were held

      • Everyone MUST do the online application if they plan to volunteer with students. If you only plan to volunteer for large school events, or afterschool, you do not need to complete the application

      • Chaperone form is also online, but separate from the volunteer application

      • Volunteer opportunities will be sent out shortly

      • Room Parent update

        • We have room parents for all the classrooms. Great!

        • Room Parents have student information that has gone through FERPA

        • The main goal of Room Parents is to engage families in the classroom

          • This can be done through volunteering and communication

    • Staff appreciation

      • Staff appreciation luncheon put on by the 1st grade families

      • Still looking for more $5 coffee cards and $25 Amazon gift cards

    • Green Team

      • Working on cleaning the composting board in the cafeteria

      • Tom is working with the District to get composting bins in each classroom

      • Mariana is working on the education piece

      • Green Team is open to suggestions

  • School tours for prospective families

    • First tour is tomorrow

    • More to come, mostly 2 a month

    • There are online sign-ups

    • Messaging is out

    • Suggestion to make a flyer with all the tour dates

  • After School program

    • We are about to put out a survey to all families about this program to understand needs, alternative choices, costs, and generally gather input

    • We are connecting more with Launch to support both programs

    • Need ideas on how to best send out this online survey?

    • Can we send texts? The District now send texts

  • Family resource center

    • JJ, the Seneca reset counselor, and Mr. Smalls are working together to gather supplies for families in need for the holidays.

    • Families in need, but not classified as homeless, will also be supported

    • More information to come

  • Safe routes to school

    • We applied for an SDOT mini grant to do a safety study around the school

      • We will know the first week of Dec if we get the grant. Money in January.

    • Tomorrow is the deadline for SDOT’s neighborhood grant. Adam will apply for that to calm traffic on Union

  • New Business

    • Question about academics

      • There is a local neighbor that can connect us with science grants

        • Alyssa is the connection

        • Suggestion to make this ask for the science fair

    • Danielle can offer support to learn about Basecamp

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