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Madrona PTSA Meeting minutes - 

May 2, 2018, 6:30 pm -8:00 pm

6:30 – Call to order and introductions

PRESENT: Mary McDaniel, Adam Rakunas, Anne Rakunas, Laura Paxton, Sarah Kent, Sharon Safarik, Melissa Lee-Klubberud, Mariana Zantop, Ali Schwartz, Rachael, Amy Cohen, Gabrielle Mortensen, Shelby Jors, Anya Rudnick

6:35 – Principal’s Report

  • SBAC testing ongoing for 3rd-5th grades.
  • Hiring – interviewed for 3rd grade and .5 librarian. Making recommendations to move forward.
  • Met with BLT to review CSIP – overview of everything happening at school. Needs to be updated with move from K-8 to elementary school. Also time to plan for next year – grade configuration, increasing enrollment; need more kindergarteners to get to three classes – at 2.5 classes right now.

6:50 – Treasurer’s Report

  • Two fundraisers in April – basketball game = $500; Lion King = $2600. Total fundraising to date about $51,000.

Budget planning

  • Sharon has been meeting with teachers and staff to get direct feedback. Met with Mary this morning about bigger picture for the budget. Teachers have had a lot of good feedback about PTSA support and community building. They feel like we are supporting all of the students in the school. At least one teacher would like Mary to strongly encourage regular teacher attendance at PTSA meetings to bring feedback and report back; possibly assigned rep at each meeting.
  • Big questions for budget:
    • Arts-infused education: budgeted $20k for this year, have only spent $6k. Trying to develop program – this is the first year of having an intentional program. Have had Aaron Walker-Loud (covered by school budget). PNB is here for two weeks of PE. Grand vision was one quarter of each: theater, dance, music. Haven’t spent all money – time during the school day is a limiting factor in this programming. It would also be great to have a committee of people interested in this to make sure the planning is happening in advance. There is more time for extra programming in classrooms in June – could capitalize on this. Have some things planned with drumming groups (Meany, Garfield, maybe UW). May think of it more as assemblies, performances at school, field trips, etc., rather than time each week out of class time. Thinks we should keep budget at $20k. One idea would be to make early release time on Wednesdays the arts-infused education. Would be one hour a week for intensive work – could invite all kids to stay and participate. Depends on how much it would cost.
    • After-school Programs: this year we received $80k from Asst. Supt. to support these programs. We have one coordinator - $25k for the position. We need to pay for this again next year. Need to spend the current money by end of June. Going to ask for another $25k. District interested in closing achievement gap. Went from 25 to over 100 kids by bringing it in-house. Want to continue to support after-school programs and make as rich as possible. Need to know exact costs, need more supervisory support – need to hire more people. No complaints from parents, and it is affordable. Need to look at increasing the cost. Will support McKinney-Vento families, and will offer payment plans for lower income families. Running the program is pricey; asking PTSA to support most of it for next year. No longer a priority school for next year – no more support from OSPI (was $30k per year). We are still a Title I school – now at 48% free and reduced lunch. Will know more about budget by June.
    • Seattle Music Partners: asked for $4k for program; currently $2500. All schools (except one) pay $4000.
    • Green Plate Special: Sharon talked to 3-5 grade teachers; first year with 3rd grade added, all very happy with the program. Paid $8k this year; anticipate they will ask for same amount. They covered $5k.
    • Outreach: more regular staff appreciation events added mid-year – suggesting $1000 for next year’s budget for these events. Also suggests putting small amount of money in volunteer budget for orientation materials, volunteer appreciation, etc. = $100. Outreach/community building – need to double budget for Multicultural Night – costs were about $1500 this year. Suggest budgeting $1000 for next year. School tours about $150.
    • SBAC Breakfast: need to budget for true cost. Have spent $1000, but only budgeted $500. Propose $1500 to have room. St. Clouds did the breakfast - $800 for 200 people.
    • School supplies: $20k budgeted this year, haven’t come close to spending this, only $2200 so far. Mary will make one more paper purchase this year. Mary not asking for any money for this for next year – would rather have money go to support after-school programs.
    • PE/Recess Supplies: Mr. Stewart appreciates PTSA wanting to support new supplies. He said $500 for the year would be enough.
    • Mindfulness/Meditation: meeting with Kim about next year. Teachers like having them in classroom – would like more focus on this for next year, rather than teacher training. Gave her $1000 this year (she asked for $2000). Need to know what she’s asking for next year. Would like to expand to every classroom.
    • Principal Discretionary Fund: will have more classes, so need to increase. Mary will figure out the numbers – possibly 3-4 more teachers/classes. About 14-15 classrooms total.
    • Feedback from teachers – some 4th-5th graders still need more academic support to help with reading. Incorporate 1:1 tutoring into after-school programming, homework club, to meet this need. Look to see if other groups are available to help with this. May think about reaching out to UW Black Student Union and Deltas to see if their groups can partner with us on this.
    • Any money to provide more support to high-needs students/families? We are bringing in Seneca. We will no longer have a family support worker or counselor through district. Seneca will have .5 FTE counselor to support high-needs students, and 1 FTE staff on-site. Will also do home visits. Reputation of decreasing behavioral issues and increasing support. Working with several other schools in SPS.
    • Not sure about Odessa Brown for next year. Hopefully at least 2 days per week for next year, but still need to meet with director to discuss budget. (would be out of school budget)
    • Teachers have requested additional funds for breakfast for kids. Tried breakfast after the bell – didn’t work well. Can we stock teacher cupboards? We have food in the building – ask kids if hungry; sometimes they say no.
    • Teachers also suggested having a student-store; panther paws are losing luster. Kids would earn “money” to spend at the store.
    • Teachers also would like more art supplies and science support.
    • Still need to gather more information to come up with a proposed budget.

7:30 – Committee Reports

  • Fundraising
    • Mayfair booth plan – May 12th
      • PTSA will host a booth. Need 8-10 volunteers. Will sell hot dogs, water, chips; merchandise; donor bricks and pavers for playground.
    • Fish Fry plan – May 31st
      • Have a draft poster; may have a suggested donation instead of tiered pricing. May want to give money so that teachers feel they can come without paying – school could give $200 to cover staff. If pay-what-you-can, probably don’t need tickets. East Anchor will help us get cod at $7/lb.
      • Need to do more work to get prizes for the raffle.
      • Will also do a toiletries drive to support school families. 
  • Outreach
    • PTSA Board recruitment – everyone ask 5 people!
      • Open positions: Secretary, Communications, VP and Co-President.
    • Have talked about building an Equity Team for next year. Ready to get this started – need to figure out if funding needed.
    • Sarah has heard from teachers about toll of working in high-needs school, secondary trauma. May want to think about bringing someone in to work with teachers on trauma stewardship, support students. Mary has asked HR for roundtable discussion for high-needs school to address turnover.
  • Playground
    • Working on getting funding for Phase II. Putting out at call to people in the neighborhood to get larger donations to close $60k gap to complete the project.
    • A team of parents are reaching out to community donors.
    • The School Board recently created a $1Million Fund for Title I schools to remodel their playgrounds.  Gretchen DeDecker wrote a proposal for Madrona to get $45,000 for Madrona. She thinks we are a good candidate. We will find out in the next couple of weeks.
    • We have a contractor chosen (lowest bid), and will enter into a contract when we have the $ squared away.
    • We plan to break ground as soon as school ends, so the project can be finished before school starts in the fall.
  • Legislative: No update
  • Arts
    • Lion King was a huge success. Lots of great feedback from parents.
    • Starting to think about production for next year. Need to think about budget and time involved to factor in for future planning.

8:00 – New Business: None

8:05 – Adjourn


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