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November 1, 2017

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6:30 – Call to order and introductions

PRESENT: Sharon Safarik, Nathan Hoerschelmann, Mariana Zantop, Mary McDaniel, Megan Hochstatter, Dan Azer, Robyn Greene, Anya Rudnick, Sarah Kent, Anne Rakunas

6:35 – Principal’s Report (Ms. McDaniel)

Today had Thrivent Reading Partners at school – 50 volunteers, 40 students getting 1:1 tutoring K-4 through this program, all day M-F. $75k program, $50k through corporate sponsors. Well worth the $25k the school spends to have the program, have seen tremendous growth in reading data. Asked if could come do a ribbon cutting today, with corporate sponsors. 

Interviewed for local news article about school with Madrona News.

Multi-cultural night – getting ready

Student-led conferences coming up. Teachers beginning to plan, what to do to help prepare students to lead conversations. Fun, teaches leadership, ownership in own learning. For 1-5 grades.

Front Office Secretary update – no substitute, no candidates. Struggling in office to keep up with work. Tammy and Mary working a lot. Can use volunteers in office, but they can’t have access to SPS info. Position is posted as clerical substitute role, but no one picked up this week. The sub who has been filling in is at a different school this week. Not posted as a permanent position b/c Tana is on leave and can come back on September 1, 2018 if she wants to. Job is posted as “clerical sub”, general posting through SPS, not specific to Madrona.

Preschool update – teacher decided to leave, now don’t have a new developmental preschool or IAs. Mary has been working with Beth Carter – decided to reassign all developmental preschool students to other schools. Will bring kids back when have staff. Looking for .5 FTE teacher and .5 IA. Hired an IA, but will probably get assigned to another school due to no teacher yet. Haven’t had subs, Mary has been teaching in the classroom. No preschool students here as of tomorrow.

Informed staff at staff meeting to stop by on Saturdays to build community, help on playground build. Will make sure they have the correct dates.

6:50 – Treasurer’s Report (Anne)

  • Bank change – board question: may switch from BECU because of limits on deposits; no tellers at branches. Safety and time issue due to amount of cash from some of our bigger events. Would be easier to go with a regular bank because of the services offered in branch. Could look for another credit union that has more services. Philosophical alignment is important, but so is making the job of the Treasurer easier. Anne will research and report back. Keep in mind longevity, convenience, etc.
  • Jog-a-thon Update: still have pledges coming in; have almost $14k so far. Quite a bit is coming through website – about half. Short of $20k budget, not sure if we will make it up. Can send reminder to online donors to remind people about corporate matching. Could edit auto-response to include this. Can also send through weekly email.
  • PT Avenue: will start getting emails; need to pay dues – depends somewhat on number of members. We don’t solicit membership due to additional cost to parents, most of which goes to WA PTSA. Required to have 25 people minimum, including all board members - need to sign up and pay. Anne will send email to remind everyone to sign up. Looks like they have changed to funneling the money through the local PTSA in the new system. Anne and Sharon will figure out what the new system is and notify all board members of what is required.

6:55 – VP Report (Megan)

  • Mini-committees for events – more people needed
    • Advertised in last newsletter, on the bulletin board; no one is volunteering
    • Especially need someone for spring fundraiser; need to make up for shortfall in Jog-a-thon. Priority – need brainstorming re: what this will look like.
    • Concerned because we don’t have a point person for fundraising.
    • Sarah thinks some people will be willing to do this who are on the volunteer list. Some volunteered for Multicultural night, just too late to help plan the event. Can bring them in for next year.
    • Reached out to Leschi about b-ball game – haven’t heard back.
    • Sarah will start asking people how they hear about volunteer opportunities.

7:05 – Committee Reports

  • Events: (Mr. Azer)
    • Multicultural night – Mr. Azer working on it; talking to colleagues about reaching out to parents who have offered to help teachers with whatever is needed. Asking teachers to do direct outreach. Mary has put in a table order. Ms. Adams has offered to be MC. Will make sure have a lot of people at the door to welcome and guide people where to go. Let kids know what will be happening ahead of time so they can get excited. Nailing down larger commercial orders. Have some generous donations, thinks we can get a few more. Have some food and dry goods already. Can use as many volunteers as can get. The one piece concerning some is the clean up after the event, so need to make sure we have enough people to do this. Would like to push this shift. Hope Deltas will come – Robyn will talk to the group. Told families to bring food 5-5:30; start at 5:30. Karen is in charge of entertainment – will go from 6:00 on. Expanding fashion walk to last the entire evening. Will hopefully have people to go around encouraging those who have dressed up to walk – kids and grown-ups. PTSA can help with recruiting volunteers for different phases in advance, get a preliminary count starting next week. Ordered 24 tables (6’), we have 60 tables (4’) here. Also, ordered 300 chairs – 150 in front of stage for a bigger performance area in cafeteria (choir, Spanish club, talent show, etc.), can set up for a more organized arrangement. Gym will be half tables, half food. Will not be doing country boards this time. All classes making art project, K-2 singing, club performing, and inviting other performances. Had thought about video booth for families to talk about their own cultures – ambitious idea, don’t yet have the person who can lead it; will probably table the idea for next year. If anyone identifies a parent with strong video skills, can reach out to see if they are interested in helping with this. Last year had 430 visitors. Anticipating 500 people this time. Invite community members to come again. Invite reading partners, volunteers. This is probably not the event to do a fundraising ask for the PTSA. Betsy asking if families could be reimbursed by PTSA for food they make, etc. We have $500 in budget for the event. May be a problematic door to open – would be difficult to manage fairly and responsibly.
    • Will not be having a music concert before the end of 2017 because of multicultural night.
  • Fundraising: (Sharon)
    • SWAG: selling sweatshirts, mugs, logo shirts
      • No fundraising chair yet.
      • People have been asking about merchandise. Wouldn’t take that much to get this going. Would like to replicate sweatshirts we used to have. Some discussion about which logo to use – want consistency, but not sure which to go with. Paw looks like very different than all the others. Need something fun and exciting to look at. Could have something that kids design, involve them, vote on it, tie it to Math Night (have kids graph it, etc.). Could have Ms. Thomas work with kids on it. This will take some time, so can keep using the logos we have in the meantime; work on the new logo project for a longer term project; think about launching next year. Megan will look into getting mugs printed; can look into travel mugs as well (much more expensive). 
  • Outreach and Volunteers: (Sarah)
    • Volunteer: goals for this year were to ensure all Madrona families feel welcome and know how to volunteer, and to recruit and train large group that reflects diversity of students. Trained 50 people in October in 10 trainings, including many parents of color.
      • Implementing room parents for each classroom – they will help coordinate classroom volunteers and communication. One or two per classroom. Sarah is offering ongoing support to parents and teachers. Talking to teachers about what needs they have for volunteers.
      • Learning about what to do differently for jog-a-thon next year, wasn’t as organized as had hoped. The framework already exists, and now have experience to implement more effectively next year.
      • Lots of parents who work fulltime excited that there are opportunities to help. Want to help facilitate broader participation, better communication about how to help.
      • No more trainings scheduled – will do on as-needed basis.
      • Thinking about volunteer thank you event in the spring – maybe a volunteer Tea Party as a thank you, with a certificate, recognition for volunteers. Start thinking about to make it an annual event.
    • Outreach: doing a lot of outreach re: Madrona High-5 event. Don’t have a date set yet. Maybe end of first week after winter break. Lots of people asking about it, parents, people in the community. Ted Evans (parent) communicating with people at Leschi who organized to figure out how to translate to our school. Want to put group together for MLK Day march as well. Also need to recruit another person to help with Outreach.
  • Playground: (Sharon)
    • Update: had a work party to dig up woodchips. SPS has taken down play structure – will get donated to other schools.
      • Big work party this Saturday (Nov. 4) – have 14 people signed up, need 62. Need someone to do snacks. Will have a smoothie bar and tamales. Need to get everything ready by Nov. 18 – will try to get everything done this Saturday. Got an email from Seattle Works – 14 people signed up.  We are about halfway done. Will have a large shipping container on playground with new equipment starting the 10th. New equipment comes in on Nov. 16th – trying to minimize shrinking size of playground.
  • Legislative (Adam)
    • Nothing to report
  • Arts (Anya)
    • No updates

7:35 – New Business

  • Special Education issues (Nathan)
    • Systemic issue that we have been discussing with other Central District school PTSAs. We are working on developing an educational evening for parents, both with kids with special education needs and other parent/community allies. Will provide information about services available at the schools, and rights and advocacy resources. Working with TeamChild and/or Office of Education Ombuds to put together a program about what rights are and how to advocate. Will open up to other schools – lots of issues among schools we have been talking to. Want to be a collective voice, work on getting more support. Find different ways to effect positive change. Working on a letter to the District to raise concerns. Also have a new SEL teacher (Mr. Phillips) – needs support getting his classroom set up. Also talking about mindfulness work in his classroom.
  • Traffic Safety (Adam)
    • Gordon Kirby (one of the crossing guards) concerned about safety of the intersections. Cars are not stopping while in the street with flag out. Would like us to see what we can do to address this. Brian Dougherty, Safe Routes to School at SDOT may be able to help – Adam will reach out.
    • Look into off duty police officer coming to supplement? Not sure what the cost would be. Also may have a negative impact on some of our families. Other issues to consider with going along with this plan.
    • Maybe a camera like they have near Thurgood Marshall.
    • Will ask what other schools have done at CD schools meeting.
  • Mindfulness Training (Sharon)
    • Kim Armstrong will be doing more training. Two teacher trainings in next month or so. Mary is scheduling observation for seven classrooms in preparation to work with teachers.
    • Could do a training for volunteers as well.
    • Would like to know if PTSA can give $2000 from discretionary fund to offset costs. Will cost $8k total. Have $3k in fund right now. People who run the nonprofit not taking a salary, only paying the people they work with. Would like to develop a grant pitch to fund on a longer term basis.
  • PTSA training (Sharon)
    • Executive board has to do training every year – Co-Presidents, VP, Secretary, Treasurer. One person has to do PTSA and the Law. Sharon will send info on where to access trainings.
  • Other?
    • Sharon got in touch with Parks re: scholarship money not paid out last year for after school programs. Will get money back to us by Monday - $7200 coming back to us. Need to review accounting first.
    • Communications – Anne trying hard to get weekly email out. Send Anne anything that should be included in newsletter, calendar, website.

8:08 - Adjourn

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