Participate in Fundraising

Give Big 2019 on May 8th

Give Big 2019 is happening for Madrona PTSA on May 8th! Please take some time this week to create a donation page that you can post all over to solicit donations on behalf of Madrona PTSA.
Go to, create a donor page, and go to campaigns. Search for Madrona Elementary PTSA, and it's all easy from there. You just have to talk about why Madrona is important to you and ask for donations between now and May 8th. I chose to challenge my friends by offering to match donations. Do what works for you. You can even make a video with your kids! Just be sure not to use photos from school events unless they have been cleared with the school.
Creating a campaign is pretty easy. It took me all of ten minutes. Then you can post it on Facebook and all the other time-suck social media and use their powers for good!

House Parties for Madrona

Any weekend in May, we invite you to host a house party fundraiser for our school. The party can be whatever style you choose- dinner, cocktails, brunch, straight up house party, on your own or with a group of Madrona parents, with kids or without. You can ask people to donate a flat amount up front or ask for donations during the event. We will provide you with talking points about Madrona so you can tell your guests all about our wonderful community. We want everyone to set a fundraising goal for what you think you can raise and try hard to meet it. Let us know that you are planning to participate and we can help with details. Together we do amazing things for our kids. Thanks!