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SBAC Breakfast for 3rd-5th Grade Students & Families

School Gym

Every year, Madrona hosts a Breakfast for 3rd-5th grade students and their families to celebrate their hard work in preparing for the statewide SBAC exams.  This year's breakfast will be held on Tuesday, April 24th from 8-9am in the Gym, and it will feature inspirational speaker Erin Jones, who was the first Black woman candidate for statewide office in Washington in 2016, as our Keynote Speaker. 

Volunteers are needed to help set up tables and chairs the night before, serve food during the event, and clean up afterwards. Because the families of older kids are invited guests at the breakfast, we ask our K-2 families and community volunteers to step up that day if possible.  Members of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority will also help serve food that day.   

Volunteers needed: Monday, April 23 | 4-5pm (set-up) / Tuesday, April 24 | 7:45-9:30am (food service/clean-up).  Click here to sign up to help with the SBAC Breakfast.